Just rambling today…

So it’s not exactly warm out, but it is warm enough for me not to wear socks with my shoes today.  January 19th my friends, this is a good thing.  I of course was outdone by several Conde Nast women on the subway wearing SKIRTS and no tights – bare legs not just bare feet.  Pain for the sake of fashion.  Just an observation.

I made mashed sweet potatoes last night and they turned gray not orange.  They tasted quite good, but the issue was a further reminder that eating is a feast of all senses.  It was simply weird eating gray sweet potatoes.

I often wonder if I should change the way I start my days, and if I did, what impact would that have?  I think Ben Franklin was right – early to bed early to rise…but living in this city that is very hard to implement.  On that note, living in this city, I have recently been very interested in the idea of moving to Brooklyn.  Terrified, really, but still interested.  Big sky country over there.  Neighborhoods.  Could maybe afford to live by the park…Prospect Park that is.  The manhattanite in me shudders at the thought. 

Of course these are just ramblings, as I said.  Today’s idea – try to use thinking as a tool instead of letting thinking run rampant.

but that is tis moi.