cnn (so old school)



yahoo! (also feels old school)

YIKES!  make it stop!

oh yes and WORK.  right.  WORK.  what am I getting at?  I read a lot, many blogs, etc.  the question is, is anyone out there doing any work???  especially in the venture capital industry…some of the most prolific posters out there are my brethren investors.  Is anyone doing any actual work or are they just talking about themselves?  don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading many of them (also not necessarily the most productive activity) but where will this all lead?  are we creating value for our portfolio companies (and for that matter, are other non-vc bloggers creating value for their companies?)?  maybe the real question is, do you people sleep?  that is the holy grail – no sleep needed!  we can write non-stop AND read each others postings. 

feeling overwhelmed.  isn’t all this supposed to make life more efficient?

maybe ignorance was bliss.  or at least the ignorant were rested.