Chapter XVII

because you never know someone from the very beginning


March 2006

Where have I been in life thus far…

Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic

OK, sounds good but so what?

So how should I go about managing my energy (will get to all that "design your ideal life stuff" later).  A few things I am sure will work…

– I never eat breakfast.  This is just plain silly.  How about a V8 or a yogurt?  Easy enough.

– Eat more often throughout the day (for anyone who knows me, they may secretly say I am just looking for more excuses to eat with reckless abandon!  even if that is true, I am sure I will be all the more chipper for it).

– Calm the mind.  at least 2 times a day take 5 to 10 minutes to come back to that old thing we take for granted…breathing.  Focus on that and nothing else.

– Physical exercise, running, pilates, yoga, weight lifting at least 4 – 5 times a week.  Absolutely necessary.

– Seek out non-work related stuff – read a New Yorker article (yes, from start to finish!), go to a museum, take a class, fingerpaint.  Something that requires use of a different part of the brain.  At least twice a week.

I am sure there is more to do on this.  But this is a good start…if I could only find the time…

So much to do, so little…

I am starting to think about the idea of managing my energy as at least as important as the notion of managing my time.  There will always be too much to do.  Embrace this first.  Once you come to terms with this, determine what you really want to do…how do you want your life to look?  Then focus on what you know recharges your batteries and be vigilant about that.  Merciless in fact. 

I think if I don’t embrace these ideas and really start to work them, I will be less effective day to day and may wake up in 30 years and say "Dear God, where has the time gone?" and the only one I will have to blame is myself.

HIGH MAINTENANCE! low mileage!

There are two weddings being planned in my family right now.  Mine and my sister’s.  We are getting married only a few weeks apart.  The planning has been shockingly smooth…until now.  Yes, dear friends, the high maintenance requests from attendees are starting to flow in.  I once created a fictitious list of funny things to say on a reply card.  I was such a sage…people actually DO ask for the craziest things.

This needs to be made public.  It has to stop.  "Bridezilla" is a term describing high maintenance brides, but I would venture to say certain behavior and related tantrums are DIRECTLY related to the dopey, insensitive, ridiculous, sense of entitlement issues brought up by guests.  YES, guests!  You are not perfect!!  I shall now keep a running list of such issues.  Let’s hope this is my only post on this subject…

– A reply card was returned, noting the food preference (which was solicited) for Filet.  Ever so neatly (and I might add sternly) written off to the side were two little words "Medium Rare".  Well, let me spring to action on that one and be sure to instruct the kitchen that in the midst of preparing 150 such filets THIS one is to be "Medium Rare". 

– One wedding is being held at an old club up north where there is no AC.  The offensive request went to my dear mother.  The request went as follows "be sure to put us in a room with cross-ventilation".  Yes, that too I will JUMP RIGHT ON!  I will be sure to go the club and stand in each room (90 plus rooms) and secure for you the best breeze I can muster.


God willing…

God willing I am able to have a child, I would like to buy all relevant newspapers and magazines on his/her birthday and present them to said child on the 18th birthday.

I would also like to write update letters to said child, maybe monthly, capturing observations about said child’s growth and development.

New or Improved!

I have a new feature added to my blog – a category on the left called "New or Improved!"

How many times have you heard people say "I would like to start a business, but I don’t have an idea."

Well right now I have no interest in starting my own business, but for some reason have a continual stream of ideas for potential products/businesses.  I am sure there is some sort of vulnerability I am exposing myself to by posting such things…someone else could start a fabulous new business that was MY idea!  But it still seems interesting, so I will let ‘er rip.


When someone invites you to something, be it a dinner, a shower, a wedding, a funeral and you are unable to attend, do two things:

1. Call them and say "Sorry but I cannot…"  Don’t email, don’t IM, don’t assume they won’t care, DO call.  The lost art of talking.  If they cared enough to invite you, care enough to personally respond.

2. If that certain something would require a gift, send one anyway.

I have definitely been an offender of this recent bit of wisdom and have not done either in many cases.  After learning the hard way how it feels, and the good way being the recipient of both 1 and 2 in the event regrets are needed, I shall now vow to be better and live by this rule.  It matters and can make a very big difference to people.


Thus far…

– Have a fiance at home who had surgery last week on his Achilles and is bedridden.  This morning he was barely able to get out of bed.

– Had an entrepreneur call me and express great frustration that we had yet to issue a term sheet to them.

– Had no warm pants to wear as forgot to go to the cleaners.

On the other hand…

+ Woke up feeling fairly rested.

+ Excited to know entrepreneur is interested in us as I am very interested in their business.

+ Fiance was finally able to move and welcomed washing of hair and back rub.  Seemed to make life better.

+ Friends are coming in from all over for my shower/bachelorette.

+ The sun is shining and I am here, breathing.  One breath at a time. 

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