So how should I go about managing my energy (will get to all that "design your ideal life stuff" later).  A few things I am sure will work…

– I never eat breakfast.  This is just plain silly.  How about a V8 or a yogurt?  Easy enough.

– Eat more often throughout the day (for anyone who knows me, they may secretly say I am just looking for more excuses to eat with reckless abandon!  even if that is true, I am sure I will be all the more chipper for it).

– Calm the mind.  at least 2 times a day take 5 to 10 minutes to come back to that old thing we take for granted…breathing.  Focus on that and nothing else.

– Physical exercise, running, pilates, yoga, weight lifting at least 4 – 5 times a week.  Absolutely necessary.

– Seek out non-work related stuff – read a New Yorker article (yes, from start to finish!), go to a museum, take a class, fingerpaint.  Something that requires use of a different part of the brain.  At least twice a week.

I am sure there is more to do on this.  But this is a good start…if I could only find the time…