I am not a prolific blogger, but when the urge hits to write, it hits hard.  This phenomenon has been interesting to observe.  I used to write in journals often.  I still keep them but not as regularly as I used to.  I remember periods in life when I would write daily, even multiple times a day.  These times were usually filled with drama or angst.  The good times went less recorded.

Blogging is a little different.  It’s public…but not.  It’s like being naked in Time Square where every one is rushing by and not noticing the nakedness. 

I have not told people about this blog.  I am afraid to…perhaps it would taint what I write.  I might be less open.  I might skew my opinions or thoughts to suit my "audience."

Isn’t that sad?  I should spend some time on that one.  Why would I be afraid to by myself in front of friends and family?