When do you feel you are close to God?  If you believe in "God", that is.  Or is the real question, when dCopy_of_112_1289o you feel you are most yourself?  I ask myself that often.  I think one answer is when I am making things, creating something new.  There is something truly interesting about taking ingredients – say food – and making them into something totally different from their original forms.  Put a few things together and all of a sudden they smell different, look different and taste different.  I think there is something magical about that process, something god-like.  Through the creation process whatever you make out of primary ingredients will be UNIQUE – almost like snowflakes, no two "whatevers" will be exactly the same.  Every pie is unique, every cookie, every roast chicken, every collage, every painting.  Even if the goal is exact replication, what you get is unique. 

I remember marveling as a child about snowflakes…"oh look, did you know no two snowflakes are alike?" we said with wonder.  There should not have been wonder – this is true for everything we create.  It’s not only God’s ability to give an object its own unique character, never to be replicated, we have it too.  We each have the ability in life to create something truly new, something that can stand on its own and impact the world in a way never to be repeated. 

That is kind of nice to think about. 

So with that said, go make something.  Be it a cookie, a drawing, a phone call or a life.  Just add water and STIR.