Stream of consciousness…ready, set, GO!

  • why do people drink bottled water
  • thai basil
  • blackberry addictions
  • leftovers – boy they can be good
  • elevated patterns in the sky can have meaning
  • angry days
  • need to clean the cat box
  • everything is changing
  • it’s actually all staying the same
  • devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know
  • napa is nice
  • want to play scrabble
  • thank goodness for the dvr
  • love the mute button
  • do I have a personal mute button?
  • where are my friends?  phones don’t ring like they used to
  • the people who are replying "no" are just as I figured thus far
  • not a good idea to drink 2 glasses of wine on any given night this early in the week.
  • the lampshade is crooked
  • should read more
  • need to prepare for pre-marital counseling
  • oh god I have not run for 2 days
  • why is commercial gravy light brown
  • remember how good tv dinners tasted as a kid?

<actually had a clear mind there for the last 5 seconds>