I am in a quiet place.

It’s so loudly quiet, I almost cannot stand it.  I live in NYC and it’s never quiet.  I sleep next to fire trucks and loud drunk people.  Oh wait, they are outside and I am inside.  Right.

I am in LA now and it’s deafeningly quiet.  I can hear the light on.  Weird right – hearing a light’s "on-ness."

Anyway.  Here I sit with myself.  I have had a fascinating week and it’s only Wednesday.  Well Thursday, technically.  Fascinating because this week I have…

– realized I have a good investment instinct – been a baker – hugged a guy I just met after talking to him for four hours about his life dream and how he is living it – arose at 4AM. truly. – Been on 4 planes since Monday – Found myself engrossed in a book (Safran – see panel at left).  LOVE this book.  Not done yet but love it.  HEavy boots, jose, postage stamps that taste like creme brulee.  Read this book and be a nine year old child. – realized I am one month from being married (one month!) – learned I don’t want to be a baker but I may very well want to own a small gourmet food store – reaped the benefits of a free personal shopping service – spent time alone – learned I want to live in the pacific northwest.  at some point – discovered an urge to have a child

There is more.  My mind has been racing all week.  I need to let it run.  It’s only Wednesday.