I was a nun once.  Really, I wore a habit and everything.

In the school play that is.  Yes, I was Sister Marghereta from The Sound of Music!  How do you solve a problem like Maria?  How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

I like that last line.  But of course most of us know the favorite things diddy – These Are A Few of my Favorite THings (again, per prior post, note my imperfect spellings and just letting it go – letting the need to fix everything dribble off the keys!  of course obsessing about it all the way by pointing it out to faithful readers like yourself.  But I press on…)

The point is I find myself humming that song all the time.  Truly.  So I am starting a new list of favorite things (see lists on the sidebar to the left).  I find thinking about favorite things is a fun exercise, and revealing in the general simplicity of the items themselves.  Take note of a few to wet your appetite…

– a cold bottle of water on a hot day

– waking up and knowing you don’t have to be out of bed for an hour

– hot coffee and real cream

– watching a sunset while enjoying a campari and soda

– getting caught up in a really good book

– knowing you have made someone happy

– kraft macaroni and cheese with a little more butter than the recipe recommends

What are your favorite things?  Do you take note of them as you enjoy them, or do you only remember them afterwards?