You ever watch a man in an outer space vessel returning to Earth?  It looks quite violent and exhilerating at the same time…"oh dear god I am careening towards the Earth from outer space" and "thank GOD I am heading back to Earth from outer space!".

That is somewhat how returning from a long vacation feels like…"dear god, now I have to get back to normal life" coupled with "sweet Mary, let me kiss the ground of NYC!" 

It’s great to be home.

Factually, I (we) have been away now at wedding / honeymoon for nearly a month (glorious).  Practically, it has been much longer as planning the wedding, etc. has been a marvelous distraction for nearly a year.

But alas, life goes on and I (we) am back.  It’s interesting coming back.  Lot’s to say…I could talk about new husband, Italy, getting married on a mountain in perfect weather, being surrounded by family and friends and how it is the most wonderfully crazy experience EVER, eating pie in front of 165 people…

Nevermind all that, I would rather note the things that have stood out in the last 24 hours of re-entry:

– I have not noticed the noise of NYC upon return like I thought I would

– Waking with ease at 6:15 this morning was a treat

– In catching up on my media consumption, I have seen four (yes FOUR) references to the pursuit of happiness (a segment on a two week old episode of CBS Sunday Morning, a post on a blog noting how a course in happiness was one of the more popular courses at Harvard last year, a segment on NPR regarding happiness and an article on the cover of NY Magazine)…what does this say about our country?

– 3 of my friends have made major career changes in the last month, 2 of which involve entrepreneurial ventures (i.e. following your dream!)

– I am looking forward to getting back in the office

– I love being an affordable phone call away from friends and family

– I love Italian and French cooking, but I REALLY love being able to have a French breakfast, Italian for lunch, and sushi for dinner – all good and all within walking distance of one another

– Clean laundry is divine

– Two people said "good morning" to me as I walked down the street today

<This post feels unpolished.  Lacking that special cleverness or humor that makes it a pleasure to read…well, so be it.  Not everything needs to be read, re-read, edited, tweaked.  I am experimenting with just letting certain things go.  Too often in my life, I find "perfect is the enemy of the good" and I have found in my own life I use the pursuit of perfection as an obstacle for experimentation.  Bugger to all that.  Hit Publish!>