Some days you just cannot get your thoughts in order.

OK, let me be clear…some days I cannot seem to get my thoughts in order (bugger this IS about me).  Rather than be flustered by this, I choose to embrace chaotic thinking.  I have many thoughts today, none of them fully formed.

People are on the phone too much.  Cell phones, specifically.  This is kind of a gut comment – I am not sure why it’s bad.  But it feels bad.

The media has created a frenzy about the airports being jammed (some little terrorist plot out of London – no biggie).  I am at LAX.  The security line was easy as pie.  Now people are sitting in the Admirals Club frustrated that they are at the airport so damn early.  Lots of people have taken to tapping the bottle to get through this miserable time.  It’s funny to see people boozing at 10AM on a Thursday.

I have a friend who I have not talked to in months.  She suffered a huge loss last year and went underground, at least with me, for some time now.  I was glad to get an email from her wanting to reconnect.  You just never know what is going on in someone’s head, or what they really need to cope.

People talk too loud on cell phones.  People want to be big shots.  The louder you talk, the dumber and less big-shotty you sound ("this has been a public service announcement…")

Why are journals usually private?  Well of course because we don’t want to share our feelings with others.  Maybe because we have evil thoughts about lots of people we are supposed to like.  Who have you thought badly about today?

I wonder if as humans, we are generally happy when good things happen to others or if there is a larger uglier part of each of us that is a little bummed.

Is it harder to chew with your mouth closed than open?  Why do so many people chew with an open mouth?

The weather in CA is stunning ("Master of the Obvious" over here) and I just thought I would make mention of it.