I need a new project, new goals, a renewed focus.  Now that the wedding is over (have I mentioned, the wedding is over?) I now have time outside of work to think about things other than dresses and pies and DJs, oh my!

Dear Scarlett, how WILL you keep busy?

Well this is how…I shall:

– Teach myself how to cook.  I am actually a pretty good cook, but I am ready to learn about more complicated, involved, time consuming, cooking.  I shall learn to REALLY cook.

– Teach myself to draw.  This will be an ongoing process, but I have in the past taken a class or two towards this end and really enjoyed them (though in one class I was the capitalist heathen among super liberal non-deodorant wearing art students…that was not so enjoyable).  I have a few books at home that teach drawing.  I shall learn to draw.

– Go apartment shopping.  As New Yorkers, we rent.  We have recently been thinking that the market is softening (please lord, PLEASE) and that we would like to live somewhere for at least five years, therefore, buying may be an option.

Of course, each of these can be broken into smaller projects (the wide scope of "learn to cook" is definitely a recipe for "it’ll never happen" disaster). 

I am a goal oriented person – let’s see how this goes.  On your mark, ready, set…