– Why are girls so bitchy to one another?

– Is there an afterlife?  If yes, is it better than this life?

– I have a horrible feeling that I know what rapid, terrible violence feels like – something like a car accident.  Is this a premonition or just my imagination? 

– What will I realize in 20 years that I don’t know now?

– IS there a cure for cancer?

– If you had one chance to travel back to a moment in your life, what moment would that be?

– What effect will global warming have on my kids’ (look how hopeful…KIDS plural!) lives?

– Will I ever live up to my definition of success?

– Will I reach a time in my career where I am fully confident in my abilities?

– Do fish have feelings?

– What does it feel like to give birth?

– How old will I be when I die?

– Do I have a real talent?  A prodigy-like talent?