As I was saying, about Tolle and attachment, another reason why I think so highly of him is that he is realistic about how to adopt this new self…the less attached, less superficial self.  He says you can’t.  It’s impossible.  Bravo!  Detaching your self-worth from things is a very hard thing to do and can lead to other identifications (you may become high and mighty that you – oh so holier than thou – were able to give up Manolos!  Tolle points out that even that, the sense of satisfaction and rightness is yet another attachment).

So it’s hard.  And his advice is not to try to rid yourself of wants, things and attachments, but rather, when you detect this behavior in yourself, just smile.  Or maybe even laugh.  Don’t take the ego too seriously.  Gradually you will become more aware of who you are, and move away from the YOU defined by stuff.