I work in Times Square, and nearly every morning I get a great laugh as I walk to work.  Right on 42nd Street I get the pleasure of watching a dance, a show, a commanding performance.  Of a play or a musical, you might ask.  Nope.  Of a traffic cop.  A woman traffic cop who works at Broadway and 42nd.  She is an absolute pleasure to watch – man does she enjoy her job.  It’s great to see the looks on drivers’ faces – they chuckle, and laugh and wave hello to her.  And nobody screws with her – drivers DARE not cross her – she is a force of nature.  She loves her job.

I like my job, quite a bit actually.  But it would be fun to try other jobs for a time period – maybe a day, maybe a month.  What would I try? 

  • Traffic Cop in Times Square
  • Taxi Driver
  • EMT
  • Brain Surgeon (obviously I am assuming I would have the requisite training for these roles)
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Chef of a Michelin 3 star restaurant
  • Short-Order Cook
  • Starving yet on the cusp of success artist
  • Caterer
  • That job in the publishing industry where you get to read tons of books and help determine which ones go on the shelves
  • Obviously I would be a Pop Star for a day
  • Luxury Hotel owner
  • Interior Decorator
  • Navy Fighter Pilot
  • Horse Trainer

Along these lines, I have a favorite company out in Portland, Oregon that allows people to try out their dream jobs.  It’s called Vocation Vacations www.vocationvacations.com and I think it’s one of the coolest companies and ideas I have ever come across.  Great for gifts too – send your husband away for two days (hooray!  just kidding) on a Vocation Vacation where he can learn what it’s like to own a microbrewery, or a vineyard or be a sportscaster.  And no, I am not getting paid for this post.  I just happen to love the company.  Too many people hate their jobs. 

This is really fun to think about.  What would you do?