I am getting older.  Am almost 35.  That is nearly 40.  Most of my friends are in the same boat.

I seem to talk to my friends less now than I used to.  Many are married, some have kids, some are digging into their careers in a big way.  But do we need each other less?  Have we replaced one another with spouses, kids and careers?  OR maybe THEY talk to one another and I am the one out of the loop!?!?!?  Or are they sitting at home also on a Thursday working, or watching TV and not picking up the phone? 

Either way, it sucks.  I miss my friends. 

And here I sit at 10:30 at home on a Thursday night working away (well, working until this thought hit me) not having talked to a friendly soul in a while.  I was on the phone all day.  For work.  And that is ok, but where have all the friends gone?