I have a lot of friends with parents.  Well, I mean of course we all have parents (Master of the Obvious over here) but I mean parents with stuff going on.  I have parents with stuff going on.  One parent in particular has in the last several years had a lot of stuff going on.  Health stuff I mean.  Lots of parents with stuff.

I have friends whose parents have died.

Others have parents in hospitals.

Others have parents who run and play and ski.  And even these parents have stuff.

I am a little surprised we are at this age, to have parents with stuff.  I feel barely old enough to take care of myself…barely an adult…yet when you have parents with stuff, you start to feel catapulted into adulthood.

My parent has been in hospitals.  He is practically a frequent flyer.  But he is still here.  Because he is still here after all the STUFF, he is no doubt the healthiest man I know.

So welcome to reality, to being older, to having parents with stuff.  ICK I reject it!!  My parents will always be around without STUFF! 

This little post is nothing more than an ode to parents.  Have you called a parent today?  Have you hugged a parent?  Do you know where your parent is?

They are human too.  Don’t take them for granted.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking they are invincible like I did.  Take time to hug a parent.