SO, not that I am nosey, really, but there are a lot of questions I would love to ask friends that  I am afraid to ask.  The questions may be considered intrusive or offensive.  But I am genuinely curious about certain things – partly because most of my friends are pretty darn bright and I think I might learn something from them.

Examples of such questions:

– How much money do you make?

– Do you have credit card debt?

– How often do you have sex with your partner/spouse?

– If you don’t work, how do you and your spouse/partner manage money?  Do you get an allocation?  Do you have savings from somewhere?

– Same topic as above, if you don’t work, what is that like?  It sounds glamorous and fun.  Is it?  What surprises you about it that you did not expect?

– Do you wonder what your friends think of you?

– How do you manage to go on vacations, wear nice clothes and save money?  Or do you not save money?

– What have I done to offend you?  What about me bugs you?  (I really do and really don’t want answers to these questions.  I want to know so I can consider any issues and potentially correct; I don’t want to know because I think I might cry and be upset.)

– What time do you wake up in the morning and what time do you go to bed at night…really?  Not such a hard question I guess.

– What are your fights like with your spouse/partner?

I am sure there are more.  These are a few that come to mind.  Please do not reply with answers.  I am not really asking the questions.  Though maybe I am.  Anyway, not trying to be nosey.