Had great dinner with old friend.
Including two glasses of wine.
Tolerance is obviously failing me (thank GOD, cheap date!).
Got home at 9:30.
Comfy pants.
Three cooking shows (God bless that boring but easy to watch and easy to replicate Ina Garten) plus Grey’s Anatomy and it’s nearly 11PM.  HOW 11PM you might say?  I watched no commercials.  I love my DVR.
Surfed the web.  Skimmed work / Internet / Tech RSS feeds while watching Ina.  Could she be any more vanilla?  Get that woman a vibrator.
Need to wash face.  Might not.
Need to floss.  I WILL do that.
Getting tired.  Wasted some time.
Could have been reading 19th Century English Classics.
Or watching Bravo at least.
Or writing letters.
Or meditating or doing push ups.
Alas, I became a couch potato.  A web-surfing TV watching couch potato.  What a sad 2006 cliche I am.

How do you waste time?