Why write?  Why write in a blog?

Helps me stay tuned.  I find I look around more.  I ask myself more questions.  I observe more things.  I try to form opinions about stuff.  I want a record of thoughts and ideas and lists and observations.  And why on a blog?  Well it’s interesting to go through the mental exercise of "does this go in my own private journal, on the blog or both?"  If not on the blog, why not?  Too personal?  Too honest?  Hmmm.  All interesting questions (to me at least).

Observation of the day:  I am feeling the need to plan something.  I loved wedding planning and really like the idea of planning a fun time for all of my 150 nearest and dearest (paying for it though is NOT that interesting).  My first thought on this was, "Perhaps I should plan my funeral."

Dear GOD!  How morbid, right?  Well not so morbid if you are planning to be in attendance!  There will be fried chicken and a New Orleans jazz band.  I have never been to New Orleans but have always loved "When the Saints Come Marching In".  It will be a rocking good time.

SO that is my observation of the day – I am thinking of my funeral and also how I would like to be remembered (I may post about that later…if there IS a later!!!  Just kidding.  Well, I hope I am just kidding.  Now I am spooking myself.).  I told one friend about this.  He freaked and suggested I plan a dinner party instead.  Fine.  Scaredy cat.

Happy Thanksgiving.