I travel a lot.  Not as much as a consultant or a salesperson, but a lot nevertheless.  For example, in the next four weeks I have three trips to California, one trip to Brazil and a few days in Virginia.  Mind you, I live in NYC…and American Airlines.  These four weeks are extraordinarily bad…it’s not always like this.  So yesterday a friend asks me about my travel plans over the next few weeks, I tell him and he says one thing:

"You are going to get sick."

"Nonsense!"  I reply.  "I am healthy as a horse.  It’s just a matter of drinking lots of water and taking vitamins.  I will be FINE."

Well, I get on my plane yesterday in perfect health, and as I described it to the Husband, it was like entering a leper colony.  I was immediately surrounded by sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever so they can rest travelers.  It was awful.  I wanted to run for cover but it was an airplane – there was no place to go!  So I hunkered down.  I had taken vitamins that day, I took a Sudafed to keep everything clear, and I started drinking water (after having already downed 6 glasses earlier that day).  I was armed and ready.

And it did not matter ONE BIT!  I got off the plane fully contaminated, and now I have a cold.  I now join the ranks of those that should be quarantined on planes and forced to wear a face mask to keep my germs to myself. 

I gotta tell you, I must have a magnetic personality.  My immune system picks up everything but men and money.  People mention the word "sick" to me and my respiratory system goes into convulsions.  Are my lungs lonely???  Do they NEED to be filled with crap that drags me down?  Does my face look better with swollen sinuses? 

I do everything I should!  I rest, I take vitamin C, I down gallons of water and tea, WHAT THE HELL!  I have no time for this, NONE.  So perhaps I need to change tactics.  Forget health – bring on the vices!  Alcohol, late night partying, fried food, recreational drugs BRING IT ON!  Maybe that will work.  Or perhaps I should have played in the dirt more as a kid.  Rats.  For now, bring on the chicken soup and the ginger ale.  Piddle.