• Sat next to an Olympic gold medalist at a dinner.
  • Ate at the best restaurant in NYC with my husband, and did it our favorite way…at the bar!  We love eating dinner at the bars of wonderful restaurants.
  • Celebrated Christmas with sister and husband.
  • Partied with Cubans for a holiday soiree!
  • Traveled to San Francisco and Los Angeles, and then back to NYC.
  • Reconnected with an old friend (not really RE-connected, I just had not seen her since September).  She is in the midst of writing 5, yes FIVE, books.
  • Wrote all of my holiday cards on a plane.  Had three people tell me I was making them feel guilty.  Marveled at how telling it is that I wrote them on American Airlines and mailed them from California.
  • Finished my Christmas shopping without leaving the comfort of my home!  God bless the Internet.
  • Built a 2007 budget with one of my companies.
  • Celebrated the holidays with a group of people who make it their mission to Do Well and Do Good (another portfolio company!).
  • Made a frittata.
  • Met Didi who played Frenchy in the original Grease.

There were a few other things, but those were some highlights.  Had I not thought about it and written it down, it may have gone by as just some other week.  But it was kind of great, looking back at it.