I like lists, and the New Year is a great time for lists.  The obvious list of one of resolutions.  So here, after a stream of consciousness, is my list of 2007 resolutions:

  • Play more backgammon
  • Do more crossword puzzles (good for the mind, and now that I am almost 40…well, 35…I need to work on the mind)
  • Talk to my cats less (forget that, I love my cats and if I am a freak for talking to them, so be it)
  • Work out more.  Yeah yeah, but it has to be there.  Maybe the right one is Run a Half Marathon
  • Eat more food that comes from my own kitchen
  • Read a new magazine every month (I picked up National Geographic the other day and was excited – what a cool publication.)
  • Care more about what matters
  • Focus more on a few things where I can go deep, rather than focusing on many and not doing any particularly well
  • Be less of a crazed bitch ready to yell at an innocent tourist gaping stupidly at the billboards in Times Square, standing in my WAY as I JUST TRY TO GET MY COFFEE AND GO TO WORK!!!!  Damn, failing already.
  • Organize my pictures, and take more pictures!  I love the idea of a visual archive of life.
  • Take advantage of NYC’s cultural offerings.  It is sad and pathetic that in the past year the most intellectual thing I have done is go to the movies – and see blockbusters, at that.  Why do I live here, if I am not taking advantage of what NYC has to offer?
  • Eat more sweet potatoes and beets.  Because they are good AND good for me!
  • Less IMing
  • Thank people

(this list is getting long but this is fun!  I think I will keep going…)

  • Smell the roses
  • Review Russian vocabularly.  I used to be pretty good.  It’s a crying shame I speak no languages other than English.
  • Go back to Paris
  • See and talk to friends more often
  • Read at least three biographies…ideas, Martin Luther King, Jr.; Winston Churchill; Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Go rock climbing, even if it’s a man-built wall.  I did this once in Utah and loved it. 
  • Less stuff that sucks.  More stuff I love.