I think I am pretty honest and raw on this blog.  I have lots of thoughts that don’t get posted, but there are many others that I do post that I think about once or twice, considering, "well I wonder what this or that person will think…"

Oh Phooey.  Great word, phooey.  But phooey.  Who cares what people think?  Well I do.  My husband cares less than I, and I admire him for that.  We went to buy new pillows the other day, and he was shocked SHOCKED that there was no bed made up on which he could try the pillows.  Well, I know, the HORROR.  I mean, it was a BED BATH AND BEYOND.   Well, not to worry, he just tossed that sucker down on the floor and in the middle of the store tried it out right there. 

I was horrified.  Embarrassed.  Looking around "Oh no, I don’t know him."  Until he called me – clearly to me and not to the imaginary me I was trying to invent – and said I needed to try.  On the floor that is.  Try the pillow on the floor.

So I did.  And he was right.  And people looked.  And it was OK. 

So phooey.

My new resolution is to care less.