It’s official, Fabio is dead.  Nobody cares anymore about a man with an accent, long hair and a fake tan.  In fact, they shun him.

I was walking to work this morning and there were two guys standing on the corner of 42nd Street.  They were each holding a stack of coupons.  As I walked toward them, I heard them say "Would you like to meet Fabio?"  "Here is a coupon to meet Fabio!"

Nobody cared.  People actively avoided them.  New Yorkers got further to cars careening across 42nd Street in an effort to move away from the Fabio men. 

Then everything changed.  Clearly frustrated and distraught, one of the Fabio men changed tactics.  A new crowd of commuters emerged, and he said "Free coffee!  Coupon for free coffee!"

He was deluged by the crowd.  People took coupons without even looking at them and walked away.  Victory.

Fabio  Coffee_1