I read poetry on a regular basis.  And though I enjoy poems that are complex and multi-layered, that you need to approach with puzzle like focus, I also really enjoy poems that make sense and have a clear message.  Jane Kenyon’s poem Otherwise, below, is such a poem.  I find this is especially good – like most poems – when it is read out loud.

I got out of bed

on two strong legs.

It might have been

otherwise. I ate

cereal, sweet

milk, ripe, flawless

peach. It might

have been otherwise.

I took the dog uphill

to the birchwood.

All morning I did

the work I love.

At noon I lay down

with my mate. It might

have been otherwise.

We ate dinner together

at a table with silver

candlesticks. It might

have been otherwise.

I slept in a bed

in a room with paintings

on the walls, and

planned another day

just like this day.

But one day, I know,

it will be otherwise.