Have you ever heard that people treat you the way they want to be treated?  I think that is true, and as I was re-reading some of my blog posts tonight (yes I AM that narcissistic) I realized that I am terribly curious to hear from my friends and family about some of the topics I have raised over the last year on this blog.  Lots of things…what they like, what they hate, what they are passionate about, what their days are like, what interests they have.  Lots of things.  Maybe part of doing this is wishing they would too.  For me, it’s an incredible medium of self-expression (though not completely – I still keep a super mysterious wouldn’t you like to know offline journal…Nanny Nanny Booh Booh!  OOOOHHH) but this is personal, just the same.

I think in writing this I realize I am trying to catalyze others to do the same.  Reach out and Write Something.  Anyone?  Bueller?