I just had an incredible experience.  To understand what it was, follow these instructions:

Go to best bathtub in your house and start to draw a bath.

Get your best bath salts/gel.


Select a jazz channel on the radio, or using Sirius, or a favorite CD.  Whatever – just make it Jazz.  Not soft smooth jazz, but 3AM in the morning, in a small, smoky, martini (gin, a little dirty, extra olives, up, please) drinking club, kind of jazz.  I chose a jazz station on Rhapsody.  Perfect.

Find a candle.  Take it to said bathroom and light it where it will be in your sight.

Get into the bath.  Watch the candle. 

I promise it will appear that the flame moves to the beat.  That the flame is dancing to the beat, replicating the motions and rhythms of the musicians playing the jazz you hear.

I was entranced.  Could have been the bath gel, but I was mesmerized. 

Rewind, hit play, repeat as often as possible.