This is a happy post!  About nothing!  I do this occasionally, post about nothing.   This one is about fun nothings:

  • Treating myself to a Jack and Ginger
  • Listening to John Legend.  We like John Legend.
  • And then Madonna comes on the radio!  Voguing.  Nothing like Vogueing in your office.  How do you spell Voguing?
  • Thinking how cool it would be to see my mother voguing.  She loves to dance and could give Madonna a run for her money.  Go Big L!
  • Enjoying the cold weather – truly.  Otherwise living here is a waste.  New Yorkers are like hardened criminals with chic attitude because we have to deal with seasons (FLASH TO LOS ANGELES IN THE RAIN: "TAKE COVER!  My face is melting!")
  • Learned that now for the first time ever "51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse" according to the NYTimes.  As a married woman, I am cheering for my "not living with that man-smell" friends.  There is way too much emphasis still for women on getting married.  Is it great?  Sure.  Was living with girlfriends great?  Yup.  Miss it daily (no offense to the Big H).
  • OOh now (Another) Another World is playing by The Creators.  Cool.
  • Went to a MOMA party with the Big H (I know the husband will hate that – it cracks me up.  I will only do it in this post.) last night.  Great party.  Fun to be out doing the New York thing. 
  • Get to go home to my CATS soon.  Love the cats.  We call them The Bellies because they eat like horses.  They really like pork products for some reason. 
  • Been talking to my parents who are thinking of taking a little vaca.  I like thinking of them exploring and going abroad.  Every summer we took elaborate car trips.  We would be gone for two weeks usually – maybe three – and they were a blast.  We went to New York, Quebec, New Hampshire to the lakes, Toronto, Montreal.  All over.  Great memories. 
  • New song: 1 Thing by Amerie.  Excellent booty shaking song.  Listen to a sample hear in the Samples area.
  • Oh, and SPEAKING of booty (picture me shaking head with attitude and disbelief), either my pants have gotten shorter or my rear end has gotten bigger.  Today I noticed I appear to be wearing highwaters.  These pants which I have had for several years fit a month ago.  CLEARLY they mysteriously shrank.  It’s not possible that the booty got bigger, and the pants are riding higher as a result.  Clearly.  Because this is a happy post 🙂