I am all about trying to fill up my days with things that I like – rather than focusing on things that I don’t like.  Life is like an empty jar, and it’s your own to fill.

So of course that leads to the question – well what are those good things?!?  That is a really fun question to answer.  I have a running list of things I like, but I reserve a special category for guilty pleasures.  Here is the tip of the iceberg…

  • Take a spoon.  Dip it into a jar of peanut butter.  Then dip it into a bag of chocolate chips.  Eat.
  • Waking up on a Saturday and turning over. 
  • Magazines.  Lots and lots of magazines.  Vogue, Elle, Lucky, Domino, Gourmet, Saveur, Cooks Illustrated, House Beautiful, Wallpaper.  The list goes on and on.
  • Chocolate covered orange peels.
  • Thick baggy, totally unflattering flannel pajamas.
  • Stinky cheese.
  • Goose liver pate.
  • High heels.  They are kind of a regular guilty pleasure.  I always feel bad for my feet when I wear them.  Guilty.
  • Saving up all of my shows on Tivo and watching HOURS of them in a row.  In no particular order: Top Chef, Nigella’s Feasts, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, CBS Sunday Morning (ok not so guilty), Studio 60 (yes, it’s good!), 30 Rock).
  • Macaroni and Cheese.
  • McDonald’s french fries.
  • My almost nightly after dinner snack.  My husband calls it The Second Dinner.  Without fail, I can almost always eat before heading to bed.  It’s like a nightcap. 
  • Taking a hot bath on a cold day with a glass of wine and a book to keep me company.
  • Heavy cream.

I obviously have a thing for food.  Good to know. 

There are many many others.  What are yours?  Maybe www.43Things.com should have a site for guilty pleasures.