I would like a treehouse.  Even as a grown up, I love the idea of having a tree house. I could sit amongst the leaves.  I would have a comfy chair, an old rug and blankets up there.  We would take thermoses of spiked coffee up into the treehouse and play scrabble.  There would be card games and picnics, and quiet hours of reading.  There would be naps and silent times listening to the trees.

I am also really excited to have a guest room someday.  I love the idea of making it really comfortable, creating a small welcome book and building a place my friends think of as a sanctuary.  Think soft sheets, fluffy robes, good towels, old books, an ipod with cool playlists, a pitcher with lemon water, fresh flowers, a TV and DVD player with a stack of good movies, letter writing materials with stamps, toothpaste, lavender bath salts, a candle or two, a snack drawer with old fashioned candy, granola bars, dried fruit, and a few decadent things. A glass and a bottle for a nightcap, one of those delicious scented shrugs that can be warmed in a microwave and wrapped around achy shoulders, colored pencils and drawing paper (when is the last time you colored?).