If only there were 25 hours in the day, I would do more writing.  Alas, we are stuck with 24…24 my favorite TV show!!!  No no – stay on topic – we only have 24 hours so there is not enough time to post on everything that comes to mind.

I have a few things I would like to write about, and perhaps will over time.  For now, I thought I would sketch them out as bullet points…teasers, if you will.

  • I am anti-deprivation these days.  I am all about adding more rather than subtracting (e.g. rather than give up french fries, eat more salad…if you still want the fries after the salad, I suspect you will eat fewer than had you not had salad at all).  This anti-diet I am sure will be effective in numerous areas of life.
  • Children, to have or not to have, that is the question…just kidding, for me and the Big H it’s not a question of if (we hope), rather, it’s a matter of when and how (and yes, thank you, we know HOW…when I say HOW I mean how to incorporate the kid into our lives…dirty minds).   I don’t know if I want to write about this, but it’s on my mind.
  • Great gifts.  I would like to do a post on great gift ideas.
  • Picking up the phone every time I’ve seen a call from my parents for the last twenty years and wondering if this is The Call.  The Call filled with news that makes you wish you could turn back time; that means you have entered a new club, as they said on Grey’s Anatomy the other night.  That call.  Just an awful feeling. 
  • Dinner party ideas.  I have lots.  Menus, themes…lots of ideas.  It will be my "Martha in the Making" post.
  • Why I love NYC
  • How I knew at age five I would live in NYC
  • Web Tools/Sites I use: LaunchCast, Typepad (yoo hoo for typepad!), del.ic.ious, Digg, Boxxet, TechCrunch, NetVibes, Yahoo (old school), Pandora, Techmeme, Mashable, Google (of course), Plaxo (invasive but convenient), LinkedIn (questionable), Newsgator (crucial), Feedburner…forget it…that would be one of the most boring "Oh god you ARE a VC and have nothing new to say" post of all time.
  • How it feels to be 34 years old, married and nowhere near owning a home
  • What I would do if money did not matter
  • How I am sick of everyone’s first response to "How are you?" is "BUSY!"  Everyone is busy.  How boring to tell everyone about it…blah blahh.
  • What it’s like being one of the only white people at a mostly black firm.
  • How nothing bothers me more than when I think a friend is angry with me.  And how I feel bad.  And then I feel righteous.  And then I feel righteous and bad, and then I usually feel ok because it blows over or was in my head.
  • What it was like growing up as a preacher’s daughter with a church literally in our backyard.  And how I thought we "owned" the church.  And how I used to steal the keys to the church and use it as my own personal haunted house…and skateboard rink.
  • Yesterday a friend of mine who is a cancer survivor hosted an amazing day of spinning in an effort to raise money for Sloan Kettering.  She raised $210,000 (two times her goal!) and had more than 250 people participating.  http://spin4survival.org/jenstory.htm  It was amazing, inspiring and so much more.  Lots of thoughts come to mind worth writing about.
  • How I would like to be remembered if I suddenly pop off one day.

But as I said, alas, there are only so many hours in the day…