This week has been like a time vacuum.   Walking to work this morning I realized I have no idea what I would write – what have I observed about the world this week…very little, I have not spent time observing or reflecting this week.  Good to know that I felt like something was missing.  It happens sometimes, weeks go by.  What I don’t like is thinking that days or weeks go by and all of a sudden you wake up and say "Oh God, days and weeks have gone by and I have not noticed." 

So time to start noticing.  This writing exercise has become part of my personal fabric, and I started to feel it fray this week.  They say you need to do something for 14 days for it to become a habit – well, I have been doing this for longer than that, but it’s nice for me to know it’s become a habit…a needed ritual.  The noticing/reflecting/observance of life.  Of all things, this habit should not be forgotten, dismissed or allowed to flounder. 

Oh yeah, I decided what I am giving up for Lent this year (starts February 21st).  I am giving up drinking.  I did this a few years ago and it was really interesting – amazing how easily having a drink becomes part of the daily fabric.   I may take something on as well.  Need to think about that.