lying on my couch

9PM saturday night

there is a fight outside underneath our window

people are yelling…lots of horns

today was a Bad Energy Day (everything from a near altercation on the subway to the worst experience we have ever had at what used to be a favorite place in Chinatown)…notice it’s B.E.D.  Lesson:  on a BED, the best thing to do is stay in BED

To recover we are staying in, being as quiet as possible, petting the cats.  My tasks for tomorrow, based on today’s craziness, is to plan a vacation and buy whatever I need to make our apartment a cozy sanctuary.  My mission: slippers, flannel pants, candles, comfy blanket, noise reducing headphones, neck pillow for the bath.

As crazy as it sounds, maybe Outside of the City should be a real consideration (HERESY!).  No, really.  maybe it’s worth at least considering.  Wait, cannot hear myself think, more honking.