Every once in a while I like to check in one myself, and see how I am feeling.  Generally, how I am feeling.  Today is such a day.  A few random comments:

I have been feeling pretty good lately (knock wood!!!).  Why?  I have regularly been taking a multi-vitamin (as part of my Breakfast of Champions…vitamin with a coffee chaser), I am drinking tons of water, I have been running a lot, and there is a V8 on my desk.  I have been cooking my own dinner more than ordering in and as a result, am eating more fresh good food.   I have not been getting enough sleep but that seems to be ok too.  So maybe I am getting enough sleep. 

Results: my skin looks decent, I don’t feel huge, my pants are fitting well, and thanks to a haircut and a great highlighting job (yes, highlighting.  I hate to admit it, but I started before the wedding and once you start, it’s hard to stop), have not had a bad hair day in a couple of weeks.  I know I am tempting fate here – just watch, tomorrow I will wake up with a crater on my chin that will require a visit to Dr. Madfes for a cortisone shot and my hair will decide to go into TV Commentator mode making me look like a middle aged, high maintenance soccer mom.  Again, knock wood.

I have also found a couple tactics – life strategies – to "supercharge" my ordinary tasks.  I hate paying for hotels and airfare for vacations – especially when there are so many ways not too.  I am now totally loyal to American Airlines, as many readers will recall.  I have also started using a Starwood AMEX card (again, not getting paid here).  I tend to like Starwood hotels (such as the St. Regis brand…yum) and the benefits of their loyalty program are amazing (NO blackout dates!!).   I am sure that given my flying and spending habits, I will rack up enough miles and points for the Big H and I to take a very wallet friendly vacation soon.  All that money we might have spent on hotels we can now spend on FOOD.

I have also discovered books on tape.  Late to the party, sure, but so what.  Now when I run, I can listen to Bill Clinton read me his life story (all sappy hundreds of minutes of it).  I am enjoying it, and it’s unlikely I would ever read the actual book – it’s too big.  When you live in NYC, you have to be very mindful of what you carry.  There is a lot of walking here, no backseat of a car to toss a book onto – and carrying around a heavy book is simply not practical.  Books on tape (on ipod) are a great solution.

We have also planned a long weekend.  We are going to Jamaica in March.  Staying at the Rockhouse Hotel (www.rockhousehotel.com) which looks incredible.  I have learned that in times of crazy cold weather, just knowing there is warmth and ocean at the end of the tunnel is comforting.

I also went to church the other day (yes, Dad, I went to church and actually sat there).  I felt pretty mellow afterwards…as a preacher’s daughter, and as one who went to church every Sunday growing up, I have a lot of mixed feelings about going to church.  But I went, I liked it and would like to make a regular thing of it.   There is probably a bigger, dedicated post around this topic.  For another day.

So all is going the right direction.  Let’s hope it stays on course.

One other thought I am working on is the notion of something being "not personal."  You know how people say "oh it’s not personal"…well…I am beginning to conclude that is a crock and most times that is said you should ignore it and realize it IS personal.  Most things are personal and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves and living in a world of "it’s not me – it cannot be my fault" delusion.   I feel a Highhorse Post coming on, and will save it for later.   But this idea is on a backburner in my brain and may be moved to the front with lots of explanation (and strong opinionated commentary) soon.