I cannot believe I forgot to mention this – I had the BEST celebrity sighting a couple of weeks ago.  I was at a media conference in NYC.  I was not really digging the presentations (crappy, also ran, tweaks on a theme kind of companies) so I decided to head to the lobby for a little networking (UUUGGHHHH I MUST change that word – "to network" – barf.  so self serving sounding.)  As I was saying, I headed to the lobby for a little networking and standing there in the middle of the lobby was none other than LL Cool J. 

Ll_cool I almost passed out.

I LOVE LL Cool J.  I am a huge hip hop fan – especially older stuff (as we hip hoppers say OLD SCHOOL…oh pardon, my white girl is showing).  But I really do love hip hop and am sure if I were not a venture capitalist, I would be a very famous A&R executive known for all the slammin’ (note the use of hip hop vernacular) hip hop acts I would have launched.  Russell Simmons ain’t got NOTHIN’ on my bad self.

And there he was – like a god standing in the middle of the Mandarin Oriental hotel lobby.  I could practically hear the doves cooing in their beat box way. 

I picked my chin up off the floor, restrained myself from bum rushing dear LL (could it have been the 700 pound body guard that deterred me?) and sat down to watch him.  Sat nearly 5 feet from him.

I immediately texted a friend:

Me: "You will not believe this – I am sitting five feet from LL Cool J!"

Friend replies: "Why?"

Me: "Because he won’t let me sit on his LAP, that’s why."

It was a beautiful moment.  I worked at a hip hop company from 1999 – 2000…best time of my working life.  Bar none.  And that took me right back.