I ranted a while ago about how I was tired of people talking about how "busy" they are.  I do it too – so shame on me.  Along these same lines – the need to show constant activity and suggest non-stop busy-ness as a way to let people know how valuable we are – is the constant focus on ambition and "what’s next" today.

The Big H and I talk a lot about this.  How in NY, and I am sure elsewhere, Saturday’s are a never-ending stream of "What are we doing" questions. 

What’s up?  Where are we going?  What are we doing? 

It always seems to come up when one or the other of us is sitting, calmly reading and chilling out.  That cannot possibly be what we are doing, or what we are up to that day.  There must be more!  More activity!  More things to do!  MORE MORE MORE!

How tiring.  Nothing like ruining a moment by non-stop focusing on what the next moment will be.  Before you know it, that is all you focus on – what is ahead rather than where you are. 

I read a post today on a blog that rather eloquently discusses this issue as it relates to ambition.  It’s here.  Read it whenever you want – it does not have to be what’s next.