Been a week or so filled with things other than blogging.   Still here, but spending my time other ways:

Obviously there is work which is taking time – that is always the case.

I am training for a half marathon and have been spending a fair amount of time running (and eating to recover!).  We are getting ready for a long weekend, so won’t be around the next couple of days.  Have been spending tons of time cooking – at least over last weekend.  Had a dinner party that required a fair amount of prep (Menu: white bean puree with truffle oil, broccoli rabe soup with creme fraiche, pork roast with fennel, salad, creme brulee).  I am making myself hungry.  Also been spending time catching up on other blogs, mostly for work.  Saw King Lear at the Public Theater – awesome performance.

But really the reason I have not written is I have not had much to say.  I have been working on quieting my mind a bit, rather than encouraging whipping myself into a thought frenzy.

I am sure this will not last.  Perhaps after a time in Jamaica, mon, I will be ready to roll again.