There are times when I am light and airy on this blog.  Not today.   I read an article this morning that has my knickers in a twist.  Check this out.  In South Carolina a bill was approved that would require a woman to view an ultrasound of her fetus before she has an abortion.  Under any circumstance.  If she was raped.  If she is a victim of incest.  No matter.

Pure punishment of evil evil women.  And the father?  No mention of him whatsoever.  It’s insulting and condescending to women, in addition to simply being (in my opinion) WRONG.  Senators, get the hell out of my body.

I wonder if anywhere in our justice system in addition to sending a murderer to prison, we force them to watch or listen to evidence of their transgression over and over (assuming of course that evidence exists).  Ummm, nope.  Just women who don’t want to have a child.

I am now boycotting South Carolina (not sure what that would mean…no trips to Charleston?  but I will find some way!).  This kind of crap makes me want to march on the very lawns of the legislators that think this makes sense.