Have you heard of these "Purity Balls" being held around the country?  Info here.  Are you starving for a ticket?  Perhaps you are out shopping for a snowy white dress right now for your innocent daughter.

The pictures on the site are downright creepy.  Weird men surrounded by their doting daughters.  Good luck, everyone.  Tell your kids sex is bad and you will be tainted forever if you have it.  Oh yeah, you are evil too.  That’s the way to keep them "pure."

This type of thing just perpetuates stereotypes about women and girls.    It’s clearly not possible to teach girls how to lead healthy sex lives, or perhaps abstain because the guys who are trying to get in their pants are well, like typical teenage guys.  What about trying to build their self confidence through positive means?  Making them realize they don’t need to have sex with some crater faced putz to be worthwhile.  No no, tell her she’s UNPURE if she decides to have sex.  Fire and brimstone. 

And dare I ask, what do these same folks teach their sons?  Well I bet a WHOLE LOTTA NOTHIN because little dude is not even around for the lecture, he is out trying to impregnate half the neighborhood.  No matter, if teenagers have sex, it’s the GIRL’S fault.  She is the one who took the vow of purity, right?  Right.