I have been deep within my own life of late.   Have not taken much time to allow my mind to open to things other than work.  Or, frankly, to be open to thinking about observing life.  I have just been in the thick of it.

And all is well.  This is not a sign of bad things. 

But today I was rattled back into the land of the blogging.  I heard someone say "we can accomodate her need to start a family."  This was not directed at me.   It was outside of my scope of existence – but I overheard it and I thought "Hmmmm" as I looked down at the firm name on the bag said sayer was carrying.  I almost turned to him and said "How kind of you, to accomodate a woman being pregnant in your workplace.  I am so sorry I did not bring a medal to hand you."

And then I thought, no.  Let me not be mean.  I do think it’s ridiculous that people think we "accomodate" a WOMAN’s need to start a family.  It was not about the husband.  It’s perhaps his need, but not his problem that needs to be accomodated.

I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, I hate that it’s a woman thing.  On the other hand, it’s not the guy who is out of commission for some period of time (maybe it should be – hello, anyone seen the pump?).  So since I am befuddled on whether or not this is actually offensive, I will reserve judgement for now.  But I do think it’s interesting that it’s always HER issue.  Just like when a father stays home with the kid one night, people say he is "babysitting."  No, friends, he is PARENTING.