I turned 35 recently.  So naturally, I feel fat.  I don’t know what on earth has happened, but things have changed.  Barely a month ago I was a lean mean half-marathon running machine, and now, well, let’s just say subway stairs are daunting. 

What to do?  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I am now on a health kick.  It’s been about an hour so far.  I already feel great.  What have I done?  Well I started off strong, that’s what.  I came home from the gym tonight – yes I went to the gym (and not just to take a steam, thank you very much…score one for the health nut) and next I made myself dinner.  The latter is not an unusual occurrence.  What I cooked, however, was.  I made salmon fajitas.  It was crazy healthy.  Listen to this:

Salmon seasoned with cumin and chili pepper, sauteed (maybe not so healthy) in a little olive oil.  I also sauteed some onions, garlic and red peppers – note the use of lots of vegetables and one of the healthiest proteins one can eat.  I mixed chopped tomatoes with onion, cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper, and lime zest.  This was my salsa.  I made brown rice and organic refried beans.  I served it all on a multi-grain (oh yeah) tortilla.  Rather than a Corona…mmmm, Corona…I mixed some pomegranate juice with Pellegrino. 

So pretty darn healthy, right?  I don’t know if this will cure me of my non-working out of late sins, but it’s a step in the right direction.  If that fails, I will continue down the path of two sets of pants.  I now have several pants that no longer fit.  I mean, I can squeeze them on, but my office does not welcome indecent exposure, so I dare not try that route.  Rather, I just bought a few new pairs of pants a size bigger.  Voila!  I feel thinner already.  Amazing what a new size will do to make you feel thinner.

This is all very superficial, I know.  But so what.  It’s my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to 🙂