I was on a flight the other week and noticed that a Food Network Star Chef was on my flight.  No, not Rachel Ray (can you imagine – five hours in a locked tube with circulated air with that woman?  I might have DIED.  Fine, she is cute and gets people to cook, but does she ever have a bad day?).  I could go on and on about Rachel, but I digress.  Said Chef was not Rachel, but Giada de Laurentiis, in the flesh.  She seems very nice (on the show – I did not talk to her) despite having the most irritating way of saying "spaghetti" I have ever heard (her version "spigEEtti" makes we want to hurl).  So when I watch her show, on occasion, I watch it on mute.  Much more tolerable.  Or maybe I have boob envy, I don’t know.  She also has ridiculous boobs.  If you have ever seen her show, you know what I am talking about. 

Anyway.  I never make any of her food, probably because I never listen to her show, so though I can see what she is doing, I really have no idea what’s happening. 

Tonight I had a craving for shrimp, go figure.  Two nights in a row – a shrimp pasta for me.  And I decided to give one of her recipes a try.  You might be asking how I knew what she was making, since per my comment above, I had not actually listened to her as she described the ingredients.  Well, not being a moron, I remembered seeing her on mute make the pasta with shrimp, lemon, garlic and shallots – all ingredients I know on sight…so thanks to Google, I landed on her recipe.  Trust me, it was not so easy, just typing "Giada Shrimp Pasta" will not get you to the same place. 

And her recipe was darn good.  I give props where props are due, so if you are a cook, safely try this one.  I bet you will be pleased.  I would add a little white wine into the shrimp in addition to lemon juice (I did not tonight because much to my horror, we are out of white wine).  I also used a lot of red pepper flakes.  Be generous with the seasoning.  The arugula is a great touch (arugula, I have determined goes with just about everything, and in everything…it’s a soup, a salad, a pasta enhancer.  I may paint our apartment with it and take it out shopping). 

Here is a picture from her recipe page on www.foodtv.com:

Ei1005_shrimplinguine_e My shrimp looked slightly more appetizing (not pale and sad like hers) but I cannot find my camera, so this will have to do.  Here is a link to the recipe.  Go make some shrimp spigheeti.  Mmmm mmmm good.