Technology is ruining my life.

I have not been reading nearly as much as I used to.  This is a disturbing trend…and it’s related to a third party that has entered our bed.  No, not a person (dirty mind!), but a PC.  Horrible.  I sit here and type away IN BED.  This is when I used to read books, before bed.  Now I type or check other news feeds.  Pathetic. 

I must put an end to this now.  Has the computer taken over your life in bed?  Do you read less?  Do you have a blackberry within reach of your pillow?  Do you check it first thing in the morning?

I CONFESS.  Guilty of all of the above, and it’s making me a poorly read, overwired neurotic who jumps at the sign of a red beeping light on a blackberry. 

I think I may have even developed a technology twitch.  Enough.  I am shutting down.  Think about it – have you incorporated technology into every aspect of your life…to your detriment?

New Commandment: Thou shalt not bring any technological device such as a blackberry, cell phone or computer into bed.  For any reason.