I just got home from a NY Tech Meetup.  This is another reason I love my job.  It is like American Idol for new ideas.  The room was hot, packed and it smelled (imagine 500 people in a room where the AC blew out…yikes), but darn it, there was great energy!  People with big dreams starting new companies.  Most will not make it.  Some will.  The excitement was palpable.  People trying new things, and a crowd rooting for their success.  This is what start-up life should be like.  Not glass conference rooms and suits and ties.  Save that for the bankers.  These folks are scrappy and passionate.  My personal favorites: www.upnext.com and www.diettelevision.com.

Have you started a business today?  Or at least thought of something new that you think would make life better?  It’s fun to do actually.  I hear people say often that they never have any ideas.  Baloney.  Dig deep.  There are opportunities right in front of you.  Even if you don’t start it, it’s a great exercise to go through – thinking about new things, what should be invented, what should be improved.