Well where in the world have I gone?  I was walking down the street this morning and realized that I was having a rather lively conversation with myself…in my head, not out loud, but even so, I am not so far away from those poor folks you see on street corners or on the subway talking to themselves.  We all think they are crazy…are we really so different?

In any event, I was talking to myself and realized it’s been ages since I tapped the blog.  Been busy.  Been busy moving.  We are buying an apartment (please do a mortgage rate raindance if you have a moment).  It’s not ready for us yet, but we had to move out of our old place so we are now temporarily staying at an apartment uptown.  I will not blog about the moving debacle…but I will say one thing.  I now know why moving is hell.  It’s a coping mechanism.  If you had any regret or sentimental feelings about leaving your old place, all of that will surely be long forgotten after you deal with the move out.  So like roaches, the hell of moving serves a purpose in life.

So here we are temporarily living uptown.  This is an interesting experience because within the course of about a month, we will have gone from the heart of the East Village, to the Upper East Side, to Brooklyn.  For non-New Yorkers, this is like traveling from Bangkok, to Paris to London.  Or in other words, moving from (1) punk-filled, noisy, full of partiers bedlum (our old ‘hood) to (2) blue haired, ladies who lunch, let’s take Muffy the yippy dog for a walk in the Park-land to finally (3) tree-lined, quiet streets with non-Starsucks coffee place, close to Manhattan but far enough away you feel human-ville (or so we hope). 

So between that and work, I have been distracted.  Oh yeah, and we are pregnant (WE.  I love that.  WE are pregnant.  I suppose that is accurate since the big-H has had to deal with his fair share of listening to me talk everyday about the effects of being taken over by an alien, or as we call it, BEAN.)

It’s all good – and worth remembering.  So expect more to come.