Nantucket!  I don’t know the end of that joke, though I believe it’s obscene.  That line has been on my mind all weekend since we were lucky enough to be in none other than Nantucket.  What a great place.  Unlike the Hamptons, which everyone loves to hate, but darn it, I kind of like, the beaches on Nantucket still feel like beaches.  In contrast, the beaches of the Hamptons, while stunning, feel like a club scene. 

What a way to spend a weekend.  I have determined that my personal Ashram shall involve sea air, lobsters (I had three and a half lobsters this weekend…is that a record?), clam chowder and ocean waves.  Delightful.

Nantucket is a funny place.  It’s not totally free from invasion…as you land at the airport (the first sign of trouble), you pass no fewer than 50 private planes on the tarmac.  Oh well. 

It does make you wonder, where are the great authentic places that are actually affordable?  Where a family can go and enjoy a little beach air without mortgaging the house?  Any ideas?