I have a problem.  I need a new hobby.  In my spare time I have about 1,000 food blogs that I like to read.  Well, now that I am pregnant the food blogs are just not that interesting.  In fact food generally is not that interesting. 

This is a startling and disturbing development.  I have ALWAYS loved food – and wide varieties of it.  And now my taste buds have reverted to sub-prime quality.  All I seem to be interested in is plain food.  Pasta, cheeseburgers, soup.  The more boring it seems, the better.  There have been occasional moments where my taste buds swing back into action, like last weekend when I had a need for lobster like I have never felt before.  But even that, how hard is it to like lobster?  It too is pretty pedestrian…expensive, but pedestrian.  I am a FOODIE, damn it!  I like foie gras and essences of this and that; I relish new spices and love to play "Guess that Ingredient".  I am praying my palette is not lost.  What will I do?  Most of my social life – and much of my marriage – revolves around interesting eating.

And worse yet, what does this suggest for my child!  That thing brewing inside of me.  If I give birth to a picky eater because I ate like a trucker while pregnant I will DIE.  My lunch boxes as a child contained rice pilaf, goose leftovers and Canlis salad, and damn it that is what my kid should want too! 

I shall not panic.  Like the ever growing belly, this too shall hopefully pass and go back to "normal" (I can hear you laughing now about that…I know, your body is never the same after pregnancy , give it up!).  Well phooey to that – never say die!  I will not give up on my figure regaining itself and I am sure as hell not giving up on my palette.  Though if I had to choose which I would regain…sorry Big H, but I think if I have to pick one, taste buds trump flat stomach.  I’ll eat to that.