Chapter XVII

because you never know someone from the very beginning


September 2007

Time – the right perspective

For all of us who are "so so busy" blah blah blah, let’s keep this in mind:

"Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein."  H. Jackson Brown

Humbling, ain’t it?

Wherefor Art Thou, Pollyanna?

I have been accused of being a tad Pollyanna at times.  At our work holiday dinner last December we were each matched with a theme song…they gave me "You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine…" and all sang it to me.  I am generally upbeat and can see the bright side.  I live in a great city, have a great job, have great husband, family and friends.  I have all my teeth.  But let’s face it, not all days are good…

Today, I had one of those days.  People were hostile.  Nothing fit.  I was criticized and just had to say "OK".  We are still living in limbo.  Most of my clothes are in storage, along with the rest of our stuff and still no movement on apartment buying progress (blasted NYC Dept of Buildings).  My hairdresser went AWOL.  My tax accountant has also gone AWOL for nearly a week…am I not the client?  What happened to client service?  I found a hair in my lunch.

So what does one do at the end of such a day?  One takes oneself to Saks to go buy shoes.  How bad can that be?  I tried to keep it simple – I looked for simple, beautiful, comfortable black pumps.  And do you think I could even make that happen?  Ummm no.  And note, I did not say affordable.  I was willing to treat myself to a nice pair of shoes and a little retail therapy.  Alas, no such luck.  Too small, too big, too low, too high, too feathered (feathered?), too patent, too vixen, not enough vixen.  Harumph.

It was not my day.  I am shocked I did not get crapped on by a pigeon.  So here I sit surrounded by cats in a studio apartment without any of my stuff listening to a bad easy listening station on the radio because we also have no TV here (see earlier detoxing post).  I wish I had a Pollyanna doll – it might be fun to decapitate it right now. 

But let me not be defeatist.  Tomorrow is another day.  I have lots of blessings (I believe in Oprah), and as the saying goes, it could easily be worse.  For now, I may do a little web surfing for shoes, I shall order in dinner when the Big H gets home.  And having a yuck day is a nice excuse to get to bed early…and let Pollyanna rise again.

Boo Today Show

Is it really true that The Today Show is interviewing Kevin Federline’s lawyer?  I mean, come on.  Not that The Today Show is the pinnacle of hard news, but that is a new low.  Yuck.

(you may ask, why do I know this?  well, good question.  I am in a hotel and am getting ready for the day, and happen to have it on tv.  so there we go.)

Look Around

Playing off the theme of my prior post, I am in a hotel room right now and if I close my eyes, I realized I would not be able to tell you what color the desk is, or the walls, or the chair I am sitting on, or what is hanging on the walls.  Now, the specifics of the room are not particularly important to me, but it is an interesting example of moving through life without noticing what is right in front of you.

Can you do it?  Close your eyes and recreate the room you are in.  What do you know and what don’t you know?  Does it matter?  Take a moment to simply stop and notice.  I think this practice is way bigger than furnishings – it’s about being a better observer, a better listener, a better and more active participant in every moment of your life. 

You See What You Know

Have you ever noticed that when you learn a new word, you all of a sudden see that word everywhere?  It’s amazing what our minds filter in and out.

Since being pregnant, I now notice pregnant women everywhere.  Don’t drink the water.  And I have been without TV for a few weeks now, but have been in a hotel for the last couple of days.  Well it seems that there are just numerous shows on the pregnancy process and the child growth process.  Weird.  I mean, two in the last two nights.  Did I just zip by this stuff before?  Perhaps.  But not now.  Now I stop and am amazed.  You have got to love the National Geographic channel. 

Usage Comment

I was asked recently how to access older posts on my blog.  I have been writing this blog for about a year and a half now, and there are several older posts to check out (about 189 actually), if you so desire.  The first thing you can do is on the top right of the blog, you will see "Archives".  From here, click any month.  When you do, you are taken to the posts from that month, and from there you will see at the top of the page a link to prior months.  Another route is to click here.  Back in March I made a list of several of my favorite posts to that point.  Not a bad way to start.

In any event, thanks for checking it out.  My musings are not centered around any particular topic (politics, VC, motherhood) but rather, all over the place, and they are solely based on what I feel like saying at any point in time.  They are a way for me to keep a record of my thoughts.  Thanks for indulging my navel gazing, soap boxing and general observing.

No need for an alarm clock when you are panicking!

Woke up this morning in a raw panic.  You’ve gotta love that on a Saturday.  My mind went something like this:

  • All of our stuff is in storage.  Only planned for a month of storage.  Need to extend. 
  • Is our stuff covered by insurance?  Need to call insurance.
  • Why are the cats being so damn loud?  Need to get Stella to the vet.  Cats should not have perpetual allergy symptoms.
  • Been away last four weekends…going away perhaps next five.  Is that possible?
  • No idea when we are going to close on our apartment.  Need to razz the seller.
  • Have to be out of temporary living situation by November.  Where will we go then?
  • Have not done 2006 taxes…waiting for a K1….will I get or owe?  Need to call accountant.
  • Buying apartment later than we expected this year…less tax benefit for 2007…will I owe for 2007?  More things for the accountant.
  • Where the hell is our laundry?  We took a full bag in and only got sheets and towels back.  I hate having to send out laundry – now my clothes are in the land of the lost.  Need to call Trafalgar.
  • Flying back from England in week 34 of pregnancy.  Good idea or too risky?  May need to change plans.  American Airlines can barely serve food let alone deliver a baby.  Need to get travel insurance.
  • LP meeting on Monday.  Must do presentation.
  • In CA all next week…have I booked hotel? 
  • Three days of email back-up to review. 
  • Have sold virtually all of our furniture.  If/when we move in we need to furnish the place.  Somehow still filled a truck with all of our stuff.  Will need to unpack but into what?  Deal with that later.
  • Need to get term sheet in on other deal.
  • Need to find marketing expert for independent board seat for one of my companies.  Must compile list of targets and contacts.
  • Have documents on two deals to review.
  • Need to update my to-do list.  Normally do this everyday.  Have not done it since Monday.  Post-it notes everywhere.

And so I got up and came in to work.  Feeling better now – especially since I have coffee in me and have gotten the craziness out in this post. 

What will I do when I throw a kid into the mix?  Need to find nanny.  Will think about that later.  OK, now on to the list…


Do you believe in teambuilding sessions?  With or w/out a moderator?  Do you think they are effective or bullshit?  If effective, what makes them good?  What types of questions are asked or activities are completed?

For me, the jury is out.  People are for the most part, who they are.  If you don’t like them, don’t work with them.  Or, am I being too cynical?

Or is it that vino and cocktails make for the best "teambuilding" sessions?

Or orienteering on a mountain somewhere with your co-workers (this, btw, would be my worst nightmare…too many people with allergies around my firm).

This is one thing I am thinking about this morning.  It’s a huge industry.  But is it making a difference?


I am suffering withdrawal.  Not from wine, or chocolate or anything like that (maybe a little from martinis…gin martini, a little dirty, extra olives please…but given my pregnancy condition I now only smell when I am in their presence.  Yum.)  But no, not really those either.  It’s worse.  I am suffering withdrawal from…television.  Oh lord, the horror.  We are living in limbo now in a temporary apartment where we have no TV.  To make matters worse, we also put our mail on hold and have been too lazy to go get it, so I am not even getting the junk mail and magazines I crave.

It’s a media fast and it sucks.

I would love to be one of those super intellectuals who does not need TV.  I imagined myself all high and mighty (and annoying) where I would tell all my friends "Oh god no, I never watch crap like The Hills.  I have no time for garbage like that.  Now, what did you think of the recent Hitchens profile in the New Yorker?"  But alas, I like pop culture and I miss it.  I have no idea what is happening on Top Chef, I never know what to wear in the mornings because I don’t watch the weather, I am sure 24 or Grey’s is coming back soon but shit, I may have missed it already, I cannot tell you what is happening on Entourage, I barely saw any of the Open and the WORST of all is that I missed the Britney VMAs flop (btw, leave the girl alone about being fat – she had no business wearing that outfit but she is FAR from fat).

So I am reading.  I like reading but I would be struck by lightning if I tried to suggest there are times it substitutes for good old fashioned channel surfing.  I am cro-magnon after all.  I so wanted to be a snooty no TV-needing adult. 

There is one answer…the Internet!  Lots of trash on the Internet.  But of course, I never spend any time looking at trash or gossip on the Internet.  Not me.  Who has time for that?

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