What do you talk about at dinner parties?  I know a few people who are masters of hosting interesting and lively dinner soirees.  They are generally well-read folks who think about many things, and therefore have a lot of topics to discuss (coincidentally, they are not shy with the vino pour). 

Well I have a topic for your next dinner party.  I think prostitution should be legal.  Not for underage folks, obviously, but if you are over 18, or maybe to be conservative, 21, why should you not be allowed to profit from your body?  It’s your choice.  This assumes you are not forced into it.  But is making money from your body (arguably, an asset) THAT much different from a Wall Street trader who makes money from his/her brilliant math skills, or a writer who makes a living from what they are able to create from their mind?  It’s a skill, baby!  Is it really that different or are we just putting sex in a taboo category?

Next time you sense a lull in the conversation with friends, toss this out as a question.  If everyone freaks out as if you have just tossed a turd in the punchbowl, get new friends.  At least they should be willing to have the debate.  I am very interested in what people think.  And it’s a little more interesting than "seen any good movies lately?"